The next minor feature

[en] Vote for for the next minor feature --- [fr] Votez pour la prochaine fonctionnalité mineure --- [es] Votad la próxima utilidad poco importante
  • 1
    Event calendar   top pick
  • 2
    return to the same spot you were previously editing
  • 3
    customized group home page layout
  • 4
    resize the wiki text editing area
  • 5
    recent pages drop down menu
  • 6
    WYSIWYG Text Editors
  • 7
    OpenID Logon Support
  • 8
    implement email alerts for certain actions
  • 9
    add css for a whole group / committee / wiki-page
  • 10
    Option to kick/ban members
  • 11
    link directly to differences between to versions on dashboard
  • 12
    Public comment capability
  • 13
    Improved Documentation
  • 14
    privacy for public pages
  • 15
    Kick out inactive members from groups
  • 16
    (re)include a "finish until" date for todo list items
  • 17
    Filter group and networks by language and open/closed
  • 18
    Chat on pop-up
  • 19
    Possibility for negative Voting
  • 20
    Log option for chat meetings
  • 21
    Back up group content
  • 22
    To be able to DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT
  • 23
    Searchable user/groups database
  • 24
    recognise email addresses
  • 25
    El problema del idioma
  • 26
    allow non-members to write on public pages
  • 27
    Export Wiki
  • 28
    add Author/uploader in document versioning
  • 29
    Evaluation for surveys
  • 30
    Archive for user documents
  • 31
    User approval tracking
  • 32
    Chat on layers
  • 33
    Send notification with custom messages to emails
  • 34
    Delete private messages
  • 35
    Prioritize personal task list

When someone adds a comment to a file/wiki/gallery, there doesn’t seem to be any way of knowing except to dig through it all and look. Could there be some kind of notification created?


mitch: try the “watch for updates” checkbox in the upper right… it is supposed to do make commented pages appear at the top of your inbox.


I removed the feature ‘a way to change a forgotten password’ because that has been implemented!


i remove table of contents for wikis, because that is working with [[toc]]

i also deleted wiki editing of sections, because as of yesterday that is working too!


hello, added proposal for WYSIWYG functions :)


I’d like to add a suggestion or two, but am first wondering if maybe I’m just missing how to do it:

Make groups/networks open to join without approval. Or, more generally, more private/public options for groups, networks and committees.

And also, Specialize Network, Group and Committee functionality. I don’t have a specific idea/proposal, but it seems the three of these are really the same things repeated with different names. I think it would help for user-friendliness to have specific functions/purposes for each of these, but I don’t have specific specialized functions in mind.


I added “public comment capability” which might capture one piece of what you are talking about. I know its something I have wanted since the dawn of crabgrass time.

But it sounds like you are looking for a few different things, maybe capture those different things and add them to the vote?


Hullo! I wasn’t sure if I could just pop in a new possibility (but I did so anyway). I’ve been newly creating and administering a few groups, and having to individually click through multiple pages to feature certain content f aught my attention.

Would implementing the feature-selection via a string of check-boxes and a “Save Changes” button, instead of individual “Feature” buttons make things easier? And would it also constitute a minor change?

In anycase, crabgrass has been trippy! =)


i am set to rewrite how featured pages work. it will just be a list of pages that you can reorder, add, and remove from.


Severe Head Trauma when trying to edit my vote…



Minor (I think ;-)) feature request: have a possibility to change the order of todo lists. Reason: Currently, todo lists are always shown in the chronological order in which they were created. However, this may not reflect the different (and possibly changing) level of importance. It would be ncie if there was a way to change the order to reflect importance.


i am deleting “hide links that you don’t have permission to see”, because i think this has been fixed. please, file a bug report when you find a link where this is not the case.

Rafael: do you still get head trauma when editing your vote?


nope – everything’s fine now – Thanx!!


Tried to have a look at major features, but:
InvalidVoteError in Ranked vote pageController#show


(But the new error layout is much nicer – it’s not this shocking “SEVERE HEAD TRAUMA!!!” thingi anymore – I like that :) )


What about the event calendar, i dont find it anywhere, and i think is a major tool for organisations


I would much prefer a voting tool which gives possibility for negative voting, as this way shows more real options/ common ground of a group than a positive voting. See discription above.


los grupos de trabajo necesitan una herramienta como ésta
What about the event calendar, i dont find it anywhere, and i think is a major tool for organisations


A (easily implemented?) function our collective would like to have is the ability to save logs of chat meetings


about chat, some flashing thing any where just to see if some body write on, also a pop up possibility.
Also it will be usefull to see wich partners are already connected to the site, (the site not the chat) in case of simultaneous editing, possibility of chat and even tlf calls…


Concerning email-notifications:
Is this already partly implemented, or not at all? If not, ist it considered minor or should I head over to feature requests?
I think it would be real great to get notifications about “watched” pages (as choice, not default), regular or digest.
RSS – even better, but I won’t to be too pushing..


ok, question answered, stumbled upon the “developer documentation” group and found the release notes. email notifications have been introduced in 0.4.7, but wrn is not yet updated, as it seems.


(Edit: Added this as a possibility.)

When searching for groups or networks, it would be nice if you could filter them by language, location, and whether they are closed or open. In doing a search I’m getting overwhelmed by groups that are closed, or not even in English.


I’ve added the vote option for kick/ban members.
Anyone agrees that a group cannot be secure if anyone can join but the group cannot kick ‘suspicious’ guys?


i’d like to see events which can have different status and the preparation work can be documented. e.g. one committee plans to arrange event, at this point they just choose name for the event and status is ‘placeholder’. once things are going well and event will be arranged, status change to ‘planned’. committee can have all discussions related to this event and it is only shown to organizing committee.


Not sure if these have been discussed over the lengthy-life of this discussion:

- threaded discussions (so users can more directly respond to each other)
- some kind of numerical value for the rank-votes… those colors often look pretty darn similar. Those of us who are color-blind would also benefit from an easily contrasted list of numbers


how i can delete somebody from the group ?


wysiwyg editing of pages and wiki – essential for non technical people to participate


Definitely the Calendar top pick

If not WYSIWYG then at least a table editor as tables are horrible in greencloth

Finally editable private wiki space on Me page for holding top personal links


hello, I am learning how to use riseup, I am not from the area of technology but is important for my work be save and also I like to support privacy on our world right now as we are living difficult times. Is this group proper to learn things? I am descovering a lot but now and then I have some questions and dont know if they are to underlevel for this group or if is ok. If there is another group you think is more propor for simple questions please tell me. I am also trying to get a code for get the email in riseup…. riseup red.
I dont know if is possible anyone here give me or some thing like that