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a long mail today (24.02.2012) … but there’s so much stuff going down…we have to let
you know whats cookin’…. have a look
some stuff is only in German … if you want to know more about it – mail

*1. *Meet & Eat on Monday 27.2. //// *(Kennenlernen und Essen am Montag 27.=

2. *Paint the Workshop! – Graffiti Project /// *(Die Fahrradwerkstatt
sucht junge Graffitik=FCnstlerInnen)
—> Bitte auch an den Verteiler vom Prinzessinnengarten / andere
interessierte Leute weiterleiten

3. *A week of skillsharing and rehearsing – End of March /// *(Eine Woche
zum =DCben und voneinander Lernen – Ende M=E4rz

Before the cycling theater hits the road there will be an open week of
getting to know each other – sharing & developing skills and ideas for
performances and whatever crosses our mind … basicly a small scale
if you wanna join the ride after that – all the better!! It will be in / or
/ and / around Berlin…last week of March…
If your interested contact tyle: 0176-99309764
(F=FCr mehr Infos tyle fragen: 0176-99309764)*

4. Good Bye Party – Malzfabrik 5.4. Call for Performers & Musicians
/// (Good Bye Party – Malzfabrik 5.4. – Musiker & Performer gesucht)

looking for performance artists and musicians!

Thursday, April 5
Malzfabrik (S=FCdkreuz, Bessemer Str. 2)

Around April 8, we’ll take off with new tallbikes and recumbants in the
direction of Czech Republic and Poland. Along the way we’ll give street
performances and circus workshops and many other events. Then around July
13, we’ll meet the rest of the group from Berlin in Kaliningrad, where
we’ll create the history-based theater project with Russian and German
kids. From August onward we’ll cycle south toward Istanbul and bring
theater and music into the public spaces of eastern Europe.

AND… your invited to create a grand Farewell party with us… we re
looking for performers & musicians to fill an old brewery with life
have a look here: www.malzfabrik.de/de/malzfabrik/bilder for

Date to get to know the place: April 1. 1. 15:00
or call Florian (0175-2908153) to visit another time

For more information learn german or contact us ;)
Tel: 0176-99309764 (tyle)

5. *Streetartfestival in Th=FCbingen Call for interested people ///
in Th=FCbingen

Dear Friends,
(In German below the English version)

We invite you to the Street Arts Festival Carpe Viam (Seize the
Streets) and would like to know if you want to join.
The location will be in T=FCbingen, Germany from the 17.-22. August 2012.

For five days the festival will be a platform for arts of any kind and
cultural exchange with artists from many nations. Not only music, but
also theater, acrobatics, fire dance, juggling, clowning or whatever
kind of art you’ll bring will be part of Carpe Viam.
In it’s kind it’s a do-it-yourself project, with the aim of bringing
together street artists from all over Europe, furthermore it’s a call
for more creative utilization of public space. The festival is organized
on an ecological concept, whereas we try to keep usage of electrical
consumptive devices and waste production as low as possible. Vegan food
will be made from regional products.
Carpe Viam will be a open space for every one, thus we want to realise
it without any entrance fee.

The outline of the setup designates two periods of workshops during
each day as well as on- and off-stage concerts or art performances in
the evenings / nights.
We hope that there will be a diverse program of many workshops,
practical and theoretical ones.
Artists can do both, of course =96 a performance and a workshop. The
length of a workshop is normally supposed to be about 2 hours, but it is
also possible on another way. The participants will be aged between 16
and 26 mostly .

The invited artists will be reimbursed their travel expenses and will
get food/accommodation for free. Due to the fact that Carpe Viam
Festival is organized on a quite small budget raised by donations and
cultural funds, we can=92t say in advance if and how much salary
(additional to the compensation of travel costs) we can pay to each of
the artists.

We hope we could arouse you interest in Carpe Viam, and are looking
forward to reading your answer soon. You can write to:

See you in the summer

if you no longer wish to receive these mails,
simply send a message with the subject
“get me off this rollercoaster — i want a normal life!”
to 2wheels4change@gmail.com
- then you’re out -

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