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TRANSLATE tree occupants need help against construction of Stuttgart 21, Germany Feb, 2012 URGENT translate current updates correct, translate DE>EN support local occupation group before eviction; show how officials try to intimidate, separate and canalize mass protest to intimidate direct action resistance
TRANSLATE updates on ZAD/nantes Jan 2012 we need translation of the current process: FR>EN from and the local group of ZAD/nantes is doing a information tour through the north of spain
MERGE 15M/indignadas-movement Jan 2012 merge articles to feature draft the so called spanish revolution 2011 – occupy barcelona, indignadas resumee, january 2012
RESEARCH march on athens Feb 2012 collect material connect occupy movement in southern Europe to assist local groups with “real/direct democracy”
RESEARCH africa rise Feb 2012 collect material update process in africa to cooperate
RESEARCH 2wheels4change Feb 2012 collect material update process on "2 Wheels 4 change bike tour in eastern europe
SUMMARIZE call for support, reclaimthefields, Dean, UK Jan, 2012 summarize current process This is a call out for support – Land Occupation in the Forest of Dean, UK”
RESEARCH SOAP protest worldwide Jan, 2012 research needed a lobby of companies tries to heavily regulate the internet to control who publishes what
DE>EN court praxis to keep accused away from court room Feb, 2012 german text needs translation shows how the movement for amateur court resistance is intimidated
SUMMARIZE honduran grassroots organising despite forced disappearances and extrajudicial executions Aug 2009
LINKLIST Demonstrations against the war in Gaza Feb 2009
Gaza Massacre Links And Updates Jan 2009

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PUBLISHED Iran: US military provocations; the Threat of War Becomes Tangible Feb, 2012 read feedback and incoropate suggestions US military intervention into IRAN is prepared
PUBLISHED The Whale Wars – Sea Shepherd Returns From Antarctica Feb 2009
PUBLISHED Obama, Guantánamo and the “War on Terror” Feb 2009 same title one day later
PUBLISHED Struggle Against Evictions in Korea Feb 2009