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  • Nov 11th 2011
    Tonight, our first stop at La Turbie, the March’s assembly decided in the verbal the following two things:
    - Tomorrow we go to Monaco to take action there, or through the city (but it is unlikely that succeeds!), or opposite the police roadblock that prevents us from entering the city. The idea was to arrive at the entrance of the city without speaking, just beating the palms of our hands at a rate a little scary and transported by the sound of a drum.
    - We “take the square” of Ventimiglia, the Italian border, to establish a popular assembly and camp.
    This morning, escorted by the police, we went to Monaco. There was a police checkpoint (as expected): so we held impromptu assembly on the border of Monaco.
    The debate was: “Why the money goes and the people not?”. This has resulted in the following action: Place a few coins over the border, at the foot of the police, hoping to receive a high interest next year (if the tax haven of Monaco will still exist after our arrival in Athens!). Then, still under guard, we have reached Beausoleil (city on the border with Monaco) with an impromptu event that has received many messages of support from the French and Monegasque people.
    Currently we are heading towards another frontier: Italy! (Which is waiting for us in a political-economic disaster).
    Commission Nomad Communication of March (Nomad Media Center soon!)

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