Gaza Solidarity Protests ~ Link Collection

Collection of material -- mainly links to solidarity protest reports -- to be used for Gaza features on the global as well as local sites.


Here is a format to use:


  • city, state or province, country (estimated attendance): link to coverage

Please post suggestions in the notes below as to how we can make this page more of a useable reference.

Demonstrations against the war in Gaza

Saturday, Dec 27, 17h00:

Sunday, Dec 28

Monday, Dec 29

Tuesday, Dec 30

Wednesday, Dec 31

Thursday, Jan 1

Friday, Jan 2

Saturday, Jan 3

Sunday, Jan 4

Monday, Jan 5

Tuesday, Jan 6

Wednesday, Jan 7

Thursday, Jan 8

Friday, Jan 9

Saturday, Jan 10

Sunday, Jan 11

Wednesday, Jan 14

Thursday, Jan 15:

Friday, Jan 16:

Saturday, Jan 17:

Sunday, Jan 18:

Monday, Jan 19:

Wednesday, Jan 21:

Thursday, Jan 22:

Friday, Jan 23:

Thursday, Jan 29:

Saturday, Jan 31:

protests by country and size, plus url (mostly mainstream)


White Phosphorus

see white phosphorus

war crimes, genocide – analysis and legal type actions

see The Geopolitics of Genocide

Interesting coverage


Guardian: Why Israel went to war in Gaza

‘Are you a target if you voted for Hamas?’ Last night Israel sent its ground forces across the border into Gaza as it escalated its brutal assault on Hamas. As a large-scale invasion of the Palestinian territory appears to be getting under way, Chris McGreal reports from Jerusalem on Israel’s hidden strategy to persuade the world of the justice of its cause in its battle with a bitter ideological foe



How to add up the numbers

and copy the source into a file, then cancel your edit without saving. Then run this shell script on the file. This script is GPLv3, without guarantees.

export LC_ALL=C
awk -F "|" '{print $5}' $1 | \
    egrep "[0-9]{2}" | grep -v url|grep -v date| \
    sed -e 's/~//'|sed -e 's/,//' |sed -e 's/<//' > /tmp/tmp_numbers
awk '{print $1 "+p"}'  /tmp/tmp_numbers |dc |tail
exit 0


Hi all, i have also started noting counts in parentheses after the city and country, so that we can eyeball what our own reporting network is telling us.


BTW there is a tick box that can be ticked to make this page public — wouldn’t it make sense to make them all public and then we could email www-features about the page and non-crangrass members could see them… I think the page creator is the only one that can do this.


why should our working pages be public? i dont’ understand this. i think the discussion of this and other process issues should occur on the www-features list.


historically, as far as i know, the working pages / spaces (wiki, mail list, and IRC) for the www-features working gruop have always been publicly accessible. Therefore, it makes sense to me that these pages would be public as well.


Is this published anywhere on the global page? I couldn’t find it.


sofiajt: it’s unclear what you mean by “this”. If you mean the list of protests, then: AFAIK, no, it’s not yet published. The list of protests was rather out-of-date last time i was active here (about a week ago). Maybe now is a good time to add it to UNDERREPORTED TOPICS in the gaza massacre features.

Regarding the main question: i agree with bradley that our working pages/spaces have always been public. “Radical transparency” is surely what indymedia is all about, except for security concerns. People who are willing to interact at the semi-global level ought to have the experience to know how to make minimal “reasonable” precautions to decrease the chance that a US/Israeli drone will humanely and supposedly-consistently-with-human-rights-law assassinate them (on the grounds that they are Hamas militants; so make sure you don’t show your Hamas uniform in your photos). AFAIK, crabgrass has been set up because activist groups probably want social networking which allows more “intimate” contact for “limited” (maybe not really so limited in practice) networks of friends, which should not always be so public. But i’m not sure that we should shift www-features to private stuff unless there’s really a wide consensus on it. In principle we have over 100 local imc’s who can be concerned about what’s happening in the group, and who don’t all want to create crabgrass logins.


hi boud. sorry I’m replying so late to your mssg. Yes, I think that if the links are updated enough, it would be a good think to add these to the www-feature somehow. I would like to pass it on to other local Boston lists as well to show how people mobilized during those 2 wks. I’ll write to the general list as a proposal… :)


Lots of UK protests are missing, I’ll try to find time to add thjem but if anyone else wants to do it the newswire is here:


Demonstrations against the war in Gaza
is posted to the newswire.

Gaza Massacre: actions and information
is now a feature.

Demonstrations against the war in Gaza (WORLDWIDE SOLIDARITY PROTESTS) is linked from the feature.