Andy Kessler

Neo-Nazi tied to students in the YCT

Andy Kessler is a neo-nazi. He goes by Dietrich Kessler on social media, where he spouts his racist beliefs in forums like the UT Hot Takes Group. He likes to wear Neo-Nazi uniforms, including an Iron Cross. He has a black eagle tattoo on his left arm and a red Templar cross tattoo on his right. He is extremely homophobic, anti-semitic, and racist (see photos for proof), including complaints about “white genocide” and multiculturalism, racist views about the intellectual inferiority of non-white people, and lots of fascist vaporwave/West is Best aesthetics.

Kessler may have formerly been a UT student. He lives in Austin and dates Ciera Harris, Director of Communications for the YCT. He is facebook friends with Lillian Bonin.

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