Lillian Bonin

Bigoted Student Government Representative at UT with connections to alt-right

UT Liberal Arts representative Lillian Bonin espouses hateful beliefs and has ties to the alt-right. An investigation of her social media accounts found connections to the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) along with several posts containing blatant racism, transphobia, and reactionary talking points. Her liked pages include a fascist meme page and several conservative and far-right figures such as Milo Yiannopolous, Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro, and others. More info and explanation here. She is also facebook friends with Andy Kessler, a neo-nazi, and is close personal friends with his white nationalist girlfriend Ciera Harris.

Bonin is a bigot who believes Muslims are dangerous and trans people are “mentally ill” and supports fascists, valuing their freedom to spew hate speech over the safety and well-being of marginalized students whom she supposedly serves through her Student Government position. Someone who sympathizes with or supports violent, bigoted beliefs that directly harm students cannot represent a diverse student body and should not hold such a position.