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  • Create groups (the heart of crabgrass)
  • Create committees within groups
  • Create different page types (tools). Descriptions
    • decision making tools: currently only rate many tool
    • discussion
    • files: upload files
    • personal messaging
    • task list
    • wikis
  • Page attributes
    • tag a page
    • star a page
    • add page to your inbox
    • mark page as pending
    • send a page to someone
    • make page public
  • Chat: simple but highly secure chat room.
  • Secure Communications: the first install of crabgrass, hosted at we.riseup.net, is configured to only allow https connections and all data is stored in encrypted format.
  • Ability to attach assets to a page

In Development

things are changing very quickly. heres a loose list of whats being developed right now

  • dashboard Improvements
  • simple Calendar Tool
  • ability to see assets in one view
  • sweeping search improvements
  • Privacy: every user and group will have control over what information they choose to reveal about themselves.
  • Improved membership process: allow a group to be configured to allow for different types of administration.

Future Features

The long term goal is to provide the technical tools to facilitate active, confederal, and directly democratic social change networks. This phase will include

  • more social tools
  • more organizing tools
  • more tools for democratic decision making
  • network organizing (associations among many groups in a federated structure)
  • democratic networking

Hello :)
Excuse me but where is the chat room? I used to meeting, I need it.
Help me please, he disappeared from the update


Yes, some things were removed on purpose. They are not likely to come back. If you feel they should you can comment on that page.


Indeed, I think the secure chat room is very useful. I myself used to have meetings with partners living far away. In terms Organizational that’s really convenient to have such tools. I am sad to no longer have access.

I’m sorry for the rough translation, I use google translator.


Hey d0ud0u,

Your translation sounds good. Feel free to write in german, french or spanish if that’s more comfortable for you.

I’m sorry to hear you miss the chat. We’ve seen less and less use of it lately and there’s a bunch of other tools that seem better in terms of either usability ( pad.riseup.net ) or security ( cryptocat ). I hope we can find something that works for you. I’m happy to try and help with that. We found that writing a usable and secure chat application is hard and not something we can just add on top of crabgrass.


Hi, thanks for the new version but I’m a bit lost and confused (sorry for my english) :

- the page “things removed” no longer exists : we.riseup.net/users/features-removed-fr...,
- I don’t understand where I can find informations on that particular new release, and what is its number and crabgrass’s roadmap if not here, or on the official page that does not work. There’s no link either in the foot page,
- I don’t understand why some very core functions for a wiki like tags or versions don’t work anymore… our wikis can’t be used anymore.
- I have found this page we.riseup.net/users/features-to-bring-b... (not on we.riseup.net/crabgrass but on /users, what is its status ? Is that an “official” poll launched by devs ? what is the roadmap ? I don’t understand development by votes or polls. If we need a wiki (and I suppose that’s crabgrass’s main use), Crabgrass should keep proposing the very basis of a wiki, that’s all.)
- by the way, the links beside don’t link to really useful page to start. Shouldn’t it link to the summary page of /crabgrass, or any page kept up-to-date ?

Thanks for the work but we really need to be able to decide if we keep our documentation on crabgrass or not, if it is still usable as a wiki or not :( (or when it could be fixed :)


Hi Ari,

Thanks for your feedback. I don’t think i understood it all. So I will go through the points and add numbers for reference:
1.) The link you posted works for me. It seems it does not work for you. Is that correct? Are you in one of these groups:

2.) github has a low level list of releases with all the issues we worked on. We haven’t had the time yet to put up a proper introduction page with more high level release announcements yet. The official page is dead for a while because there was no version of crabgrass at that time that we could recommend trying out. I think once we’ve fixed the bugs we are seeing right now we will bring one back.
3.) What exactly is not working for you? Tags should still work pretty much the same as before. We currently lack the display of differences between versions – but versioning itself should also work.
4.) The poll is fairly official. I launched the poll to get an idea about prioritees. I’m actually thinking about following the order of the poll. But there may be cases where #2 is super easy and #1 will take much longer or requires some preparation where i don’t exactly follow it. But for now i am targeting stars for comments as the first thing to work on after immenent bugfixes.
5.) I’m not sure which link you are referring to. Can you specify the link text and it’s target?

Is your documentation public? Can you point me to it so i can take a look at the issues you are seeing?


Hi Ari,

about 3). and maybe 5)… I notice the link in the wiki above to feaaatures (or so) pointed to the old group tags page which does not exist anymore. I made it point to the page search for the tag instead. Maybe that is what you are referring to? The link in the right hand menus should work never the less. We’re likely to bring back a group tag cloud at some point but it’s not high on our prioritees list right now.

Hope that helps clarify things.


How hard would it be to integrate an Etherpad version with crabgrass?
We would like to be able to use Crabgrass group permission checks to access secure Etherpad instances in order to collectively edit a document live.
Where can we post this feature request – or at least where can we start discussing it with other users?


Hi Betta,

There already was some work done on this by duy maybe two years ago. I think it worked in the end. From what i remember etherpad uses cookies to identify users and check permissions. I wonder if that source code is still around somewhere.

It’s still quite a bit of work never the less though.


Hi Azul,

Thanks for your reply. Is this we.riseup.net/cgdev/etherpad-lite-integ... the work you were referring to?
Unfortunately the content of that page goes beyond my understanding.
Could I some how use any of it for our group?

Should I add this feature request to the major feature poll?


@Betta, adding to the major feature poll is a good idea. Yes.
We might cleanup the polls or start new ones at some point because they are really old these days and I’m not sure how many of the people who voted still use cg. But adding there is a good start never the less.


@Betta, that page looks good. It also has a link to the source code. The code dates back to 2012 – so etherpad probably changed quite a bit since then. But it would still be a start.


I apologize for misusing this space but I can’t find other ways to report that labs.riseup.net/code/issues/2776 is still occurring on we.riseup.net (see we.riseup.net/haeqs/test).


Thaanks for your wonderful work!!
One very little thing i’m looking for and i cant solve it.
It’s possible to rate pages with “Stars” but to see how many stars a page has, you have to
open the page. Is it possible, to put this information on the frontpage.. Very important
if a group is collecting information and wants to use it’s crowdintelligency to rate that information :)


Is it possible to store videos here?


@gpk320, it’s possible to upload them as asset pages. However please bare in mind that storage on the server is limited. If you want to store a few videos that are important for your activist work that’s probably okay. If you need a lot of storage you will have to find another solution. If you only want to pass them from one computer to another share.riseup.net might be an option.