The “Create Commitee” description has an ambiguity – is this about group access or group creation ??? Please specify, THANKS!


Hi.. I’d like more information about layout changing I can do on the group page.
Where can I find it?
Thank you!


how i can delete somebody from the group ?


Does anybody know how admins can delete members from a group or committee?


snaky love, The link is for creating a committee. Everyone in the existing group (rainbow) will then have access to said committee.


spleen, You can hardly change the layout currently. New stuff for that is in the pipeline but I don’t expect it to be done before summer 2013


black_cardinal, thoughtcriminal, deleting users from a group as an admin is currently being worked on.


@azul: cheers and don’t worry, it’s not really useful we ended up loving crabgrass after two years :)


Is there a way an admin can delete a group. I have created one which is now disused and is just taking up space and creating minor visual clutter from time to time…?


@Haroun: I’m not a riseup admin, though you should be able to destroy the group you belong if a “coordinating council” does not exist. Otherwise, you should ask someone from that council. At least, this worked for me.


is it posible to delete a comitee? i couldn’t find how to do that even if i belong to the coordinating council of the group. is there any way?


sorry, my question was already answered here:


Go to the member page of the group. You should appear on it and there’s a “leave organization” link on your line.