General ideas for developing the wiki

Matias A. Fonzo (Selk) Founder, Main (sole?) Developer and Project Lead
Selk to be BDFL
Selk as project lead to share ideas.

“I like thinking that with free software it is possible to have a better world, because with a single drop, you can change the world”

  1. Topics: ####

Weekly meeting to be attempted. Add to irc header?
Action: post you best days and times GMT + or – on the wiki Weekly on line meeting or pad Or both! :)
Suggestion: blagora: If enough folks were interested at the meeting some could use the pad and write up a proposal there and then. Once everyone was happy put it on the wiki. Keeping info alive, saving duplication. Anyway for meetings to happen we need to get regulars to say when the best time is for them. Find the time when most can meet, and if need be have rolling meeting. e.g. every eight days or 17.00 GMT one week 20.00 GMT the next.

Writing doc’s could be allocated to someone. If a custom desktop. Default setup and application.
Action: Suggest and agree default Desktop
Who: All
Action: Suggest and agree default applications. Packages can be proposed, reasons given and good choices made

We need more and better documentation, for example, an installation guide.
Action: Colate info from mailing list, irc, and website and add it to the wiki.
Action: An installation guide. For Dragora-2 (D2) and Dragora-3 D3
Who:? Blagora will commit to doing a D2 install guide. Very Open to assistance if other want to contribute.

Idea sharing why’s and why nots. Many folk pass through but miss info in the channel
Who:All. If you see good info add it to the wiki!

Split Riseup wiki into two main sections:

  1. User space ####

User space:
Action: Write docs, on own or with others,
Who: All.

  1. Development ####

Development space: Wiki Security: Should there be a Group with privileges. Dev stuff locked until ready for publishing?
Who: Selk

Which apps share libs so as to keep things light

  1. Polices ##############

Dragora: Policy’s Should there be any?


The “preferred licenses” are those compatibles with free software values

Light and simple:
It seems key that Dragora be light. No real heavy depends.

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Re irc. A simple idea for improving comunication on irc.

There is a common practise of using the words “Dragorian” or “Dragorians” when login to greet all users and notify them that you’ve arrived. I think this is cool. I would suggest all Dragorians add “Dragorian” and “Dragorians” to their stalk list. I feel it would make the list more inclusive for new users that haven’t yet built up good communication with others.

It’s also easier than greeting a long list on individual names.

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