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Hack The Planet network will unite designers, developers and people from all other disciplines related to digital information technology. All those who want to support projects aiming for social change and improving the way we impact the environment. We will use fully non-commercial (Budget-Free) approach and all participants will commit to not accepting money for their work withing the project. We will use Open Wishlists and our social networking skills to secure all the required resources (real resources, not money!) The network will have no hierarchy and practice relations based on mutual respect. We will use cutting edge Open Source technologies and agile project management and development practices.


  • Budget-Free
  • decentralized and distributed
  • all activities transparent and public

participation requirements

  • 100% open source
  • supporting and using open standards
  • platform and language independent, cross-operating solutions
  • implementations in various languages

proposed projects

current recommendations

using similar technologies wherever possible will make it easier for people to participate in and contribute to various projects


  • email
    • mailing lists
  • jabber
  • IRC

website (crabgrass)

  • group for every participating hackspace
    • Berlin (BS)
    • Berlin (Kesselberg)
  • group for every project
  • networks
    • hackspaces
    • projects
    • resources
      • space
        • work
        • accomodation
      • food
      • internet
        • access
        • hosting
      • equipment



  • internet access
  • working space (min. 1 workstation for pair-programming)


  • near accommodation
  • near food care

agile practices


  • 80/20
  • automation
    • continous integration
  • code reviews
  • pair programming
  • patterns
  • DRY
  • refactoring
  • version control

project management

personal productivity

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