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do interviews for a documentary about Indymedia

filmmaker is coming to the next meeting on the 5th. Generally people can imagine to participate, but want to hear more about the project. We want some Zapi type we are all Indymedia and no focus on individual faces kind of thing.

Proposal to adopt Bristol’s respect guideline – passed

Respect: Bristol indymedia is intended to represent the world we are striving to create, rather than the world we live in. A cornerstone of this principle is respect for others, therefore articles or comments that are abusive rather than relying on force of argument are not acceptable.

This needs to be included in the editorial guidelines on the workspace and on the site

feedback from network meeting

  • create UK banner saying “United Kollektives” instead of “UK” and send to aggregator people – didn’t decide anything about this, it’s a job for a designer
  • need to get the latest draft of the minutes so we can discuss them

anarchist bookfair

D*I were offered a “recording space” at the bookfair. There were quite a few ideas what we could do with that, but then we had the idea to have a recording stall instead, next to the table. Basically a little soundproofed booth, that people can stop by at while browsing the tables.

Also there was a wish for other merch than DVDs, but also some wishes to not only see the bookfair as a commercial event. And we need more and newer DVDs, idea to send a mail-out to global indy and other video producers, asking them to submit their films.

So with D*I together we would need 2-3 tables, and we were not sure if we wanted a session slot. If we get one we need to decide what to do earlier so there is an exciting blurb in the programm.


We didn’t discuss most of the points on the agenda, but did talk about the facebook warning. We still want something to happen, a) fast: make it more prominent and b) we would love to get that fake tickbox thing.

The warning could easily be given more prominence by using the spybook pic:

invest in infrastructure:

  • new server proposal – our neighbourhood techs will work out a detailed proposal that includes what server to get and where to host it… Imc London will discuss that proposal at the next meeting and then present it to the Network
  • standing set up for mobile imc – could ask northern england for advice
    Sounds quite interesting and we’d be up for getting some infrastructure, but noone is into figuring out the details or dealing with the practical side atm. We’ll keep it in mind. Discussion moved towards the need to establish a much more physical presence and bring the website back to the streets.


  • We didn’t really discuss the idea, as there was some issues with the term workshops
  • everyone likes the idea to make stickers, t-shirts etc. There were loads of other ideas, like calendars, diaries, lighters, hats, buttons… But noone took any concrete jobs.
  • idea to make a reader type thing

upcoming events

  • This Friday: Ian Tomlinson protest – some people are going
  • EDL Bradford – not sure
  • CC Scotland – one person is going
  • NoBorders Brussels – forgot to mention this