Station Bremen (en)

Information and material relating to the militant reflection event in Bremen

From the 6th to the 7th of February 2010 a militant reflection weekend was held in Bremen in the alternative event centre Paradox. We are currently working on a summary of the minutes which will probably be published by mid-June.
Contact : milref [at] (PGP key)


  • German-language Call including print master as PDF. We didn’t get to do an english translation but the call is based on the general militant reflection call and who we are with only a few changes and additions.
  • German-language reader with texts dealing with current strategy debates of emancipative politics. Areas covered include “organising”, “repression”, “trauma” and “social struggles”. These are not meant as a preset for the militant reflection station in Bremen. Rather, we hope they will inspire discussions in and outside of militant reflection. We would like to translate or at least summarize these texts in english – please get in touch if you can help.
  • German-language flyer with hints and suggestions for constructive discussions (PDF) – please help translate if you can.