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Regular Meetings every Thursday 4pm

Questions and Answers. Who is interested in what?
The classes are in English & German, but we will try to organize translation if anyone doesn’t know these languages.
1. Introduction of the participants – Vorstellung der TeilnehmerInnen – Présentation des participant(e)s
2. General tips how to use the room – RE und allgemeine Hinweise auf die Nutzung des Raums
3. collect Themes & Interests and schedule – Sammeln der Themen und nächste Treffen festlegen

11.06.10 General Meeting of Refugees Emancipation e.V. in the Internetcafe: Refugees Emancipation would like to invite all the users of the internet café and all who have concerns about the internetcafé to a general meeting.


26.11.09 Computer Basics Introduction | Einführung Computer Grundlagen.
This is a beginner course and recommended for everyone who is using the Internet Cafes. | Dies ist ein einführender Kurs und empfohlen für alle die das Internet Cafe nutzen (möchten).
Content: hardware introduction, software introduction | Inhalt: Einführung in Hardware und Software.
Language: english, german | Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch
19.11.09 Computer Basics
12.11.09 Computer Basics
21.10.09 checking and updating systems
07.10.09 checking and updating systems
01.10.09 checking and updating systems
23.07.09 checking and updating systems
16.07.09 updating systems, renaming hostnames, Xubuntu Installation
09.07.09 updating systems, Xubuntu Installation
02.07.09 checking and updating systems
18.06.09 Updating systems, 4 PCs replaced by newer ones
20.04.09 Updating systems
06.04.09 Updating systems; printer tests
23.03.09 Updating systems; printer introduction
16.03.09 Updating systems
09.03.09 Updating systems
02.03.09 Updating systems
23.02.09 Questions and Answers
16.02.09 Xubuntu Installation part 2: installation script
09.02.09 update systems, hard drive exchange, install Xubuntu 8.10
02.02.09 update systems
25.01.09 hard drive exchange, install Xubuntu 8.10
18.01.09 Questions and Answers
11.01.09 Questions and Answers
04.01.09 Questions and Answers


22.12.08 about web 2.0
15.12.08 webdesign part 2
08.12.08 Introduction webdesign_
18.09.08 Hardware Basics Workshop
- How to use Internet: mail account, chat service
- about blogs
- Filetransfer between computer and devices (mobiles, USB-sticks, mp3-player, cameras)
- Download videos from Youtube & convert to mp3
- Hardware Introduction: have a look inside a computer – Hardware Einführung

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