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Updated by Micah 2011-10-27

here is a version of the button image made by raas@riseup.net, converted to svg. i replaced www.riseup.net with https://riseup.net, made the text less wild, make the red star a red/black star.

i also added a alternate crow design, because a crow made me do it.


i don’t know how well these will reproduce as buttons. The original with the same color scheme seemed nice as a button.

if needed, i can create a sheet with many little images that are the right size for punching out into buttons.


elijah, dont worry about big sheet, i have my own inkscape template for this. i made some bitmaps for a4 paper, its 35 pins per page.

(the circles are a bit bigger than the pin, because they have to go around the border).

we.riseup.net/acracia/small-badges-temp... no bird

we.riseup.net/acracia/small-badges-temp... bird


these buttons are great! dig the color scheme, the crow and the asymmetrical star
acracia – i dont have access to these links :(


daniel, the riseup+propaganda group has access now


These buttons have been a big hit. I gave away a lot of them while in europe, and now we have hardly any left!

Elijah was wanting to make tweaks to the design to make it more legible, and then I think we should make some more.

acracia said that if we wanted to make more, she can do it at 0.50/pin, but its too expensive and she recommended that we get a pin machine (300 euros) and do them ourselves, could also farm it out online, or there probably is a place in NYC or seattle that can do it. For example, this site can do 500 or more buttons at 0.30/button of 1" (which is the size acracia made)


Here’s a local Seattle button maker (in SODO) that the Pigs Peace people said were cool
They sell button making equipment and also make buttons.
Using the same button fronts they can make magnets, zipper pulls, keychains, etc. which might be interesting too. Every radical group house could use a riseup button on the fridge!