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Translation of

Here you will find information on how the translation of our list interface is handled.

What this is

Riseup provides mailing lists using the free software list software called Sympa. It has web and email components that are translated into over 21 languages, with more than 28 others in progress. In order for a language to be included in the software, more than half of the strings must be translated.

How translation is done

  1. Visit and add translation strings
  2. For Español, for Português do Brasil, and other languages
  3. Any changes you make will be nightly integrated into their demo server so you can see your translations the next day


You can get a free t-shirt by doing translations! Just do a bunch and
then contact to let him know you have been doing
translations and want a shirt.


Sympa is translated into about 21 languages so far. More than 28 others are being worked on, but only those that have had at least half of the strings translated will be included. Our most popular non-English languages Español has 43%, Português has 30%. You can see the status of all languages by visiting that link.


If you have questions, this page explains everything