Making people feel at home; excellence in the treatment of guests.

Sometimes “hospitality” is used specifically to mean hospitality towards strangers.But there’s also hospitality in the form of gracious “hosting” that doesn’t have to do with strangers or people in need, necessarily, but is about creating a welcoming space and helping the people you have welcomed into it to be at their best and to harmoniously interact. Maybe these need to be made distinct?

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Inspirational quotes

  • “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” ―The Apostle Paul
  • “Do not repel the distressed from your door! When you are requested by any person to give advice or assistance, you ought to listen kindly, attentively, and with fellow-feeling to his tale. Let him speak without being interrupted; and if you cannot comply with his request, inform him frankly and without bitterness, of the cause which prevents you from realizing his expectation. Take great care to avoid all ambiguous subterfuges and deceitful promises!” ―Baron Knigge