Leighton Berridge

YCT member

Leighton Berridge is a UT student and member of YCT. He associates with more outright fascist figures like Strassman and Bonin.

In May 2018, Berridge was spotted alongside other students and violent white nationalist Christopher Ritchie at an attempt to disrupt a “People’s Trial,” of a rapist professor held by RSF.

Berridge alongside John Stolz and violent fascist Christopher Ritchie attempting to disrupt an RSF event.

Read the full article exposing Berridge and his connections with other racists: https://autonomedia.blackblogs.org/2018/06/14/racist-students-at-ut/


This entry seems to be weakly based and without much evidence.

The person seemed to have walked past someone they didn’t know and that ASN didn’t like. As well as the misfortune of having a few Facebook friends who apparently said dumb things online. I guess “Keep your friends close and your Facebook friends closer”. You never know when an old friend from high school might spout off and get you implicated. Ask yourself, do you know everything your Facebook friends or Twitter followers have ever said (or will ever say)? What’s more, do you agree with everything they’ve said (or may say)? It just seems like a shame to try to ruin someones life with so little evidence.


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