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Coders, this is the place for you!

We hope to promote quality, meaningful labor that gets respected for both the effort involved and the intentions with and for which it was undertaken. Secondly, we want you to find a larger community and network in which their political and personal visions develop and expand.

I want to join!

To participate in discussion and receive announcements for the Freedom Summer of Code, please join the mailing list fsoc-talk.

If you want to apply to work on a proposed project, join this committee and create a page telling us some things about you.

What sorts of things should be included?

Your application should include the following:

  • Any project you wish to participate in (if a project is not listed there that you would like to work on, please propose it there).
  • Why you’d like to work on this particular project, be sure to provide some information about why you would be a good person to work on this particular project.
  • Please also provide some information about how you would go about working on the development of the project, and an overview of what you intend to accomplish by the end of the project
  • You should also include details of your technical, free/open source development experience and any other details that you feel would contribute towards you being the best fit
  • Please include information about what programming language you intend to use for the project and your experience in that language
  • Have you worked with any activist organizations in the past, or have any references that can vouch for you?
  • What license will your code be made available under?
  • How will your work be maintained in the future? Will you be contributing this code to an already existing project? If so, how do you anticipate the acceptance of the code? How do you anticipate handling the situation where the code isn’t accepted upstream? What is your long-term commitment to the code? Will you continue to maintain it, fix bugs or enhance it?
  • Your email address

Please be sure to include links in your application to external information and as much information as possible. If you are uncomfortable providing this information publicly, you can email your application to


Participant applications will be accepted until May 20th!


Q. Can I submit more than one application?
A. We would prefer if you submitted only one application. If you wish to work on more than one project, please include them all in the same application. It is important in the acceptance process to have a quality application, with realistic goals and time estimates.

Q. Does it have to be a new project, or can it be part of an existing project?
A. You will need to do new work as part of FSoC, but it can be part of an existing project, as long as the project is available as free/open source software.

Q. I’m already working on an existing project, can I submit that as the project part of my application?
A. If you are already working on a project that is free/open source you are free to work on that project as a project of FSoC, please include the details of the existing project in the proposal, including the specific things you intend to accomplish on that project during FSoC. Please also be sure to note your previous work and relationship to this project with your application.

Q. Do I need to wait for the specific date in the timeline to start working on the project?
A. Not at all, you are free to do what you like, but keep in mind that we will only be able to accept a certain number of projects, but that shouldn’t keep you from working on what you like.

Q. Can we apply as a group to work on a proposal?
A. Sure, we encourage you to work with others, we would require that you include information about the participants in the group, and your past work together, and you will be responsible for coordinating contact information and the work amongst yourselves.

Q. Who owns what is produced?
A. The code that is produced must be licensed using a free software license, approved by the OSI. If your project is to be part of a larger, already existing code-base you should check to see if that code has a preferred license that contributions will be accepted under. The copyright will be owned by the individual(s) working on the code.

Q. What programming language must be used?
A. This is up to you, but it should be a free-software programming language, it must be the same as any larger project that you are to be working with

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