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Freedom Summer of Code


To participate in discussion and receive announcements for the Freedom Summer of Code, please join the mailing list fsoc-talk.

The FSoC group is the primary entry point for participation in the Freedom Summer of Code. We want to make this process as open as possible. From this Crabgrass group, you can join the committee that fits your level of participation and submit your proposal. To become a group member, see Join Crabgrass below, then make sure to join a committee that fits!

At this point, we are accepting proposal applications and interested participants. This is a three phase process. First, we will gather proposals and participants. Second, we will match participants to projects. Finally, the coding process will happen.

How to Participate

Sign Up
No matter your level of technical skill, we can use your help. First signup for an account and then join a particular FSoC committee associated with your interest.

Join a Committee
There are four committees you can join: proposals, coders, organizations, and facilitators. Please visit each committee to decide how you would like to participate. If after reviewing committees, you still have questions, email us directly at .

Join the Mailing List
If you dont anticipate logging into regularly, you can also join the mailing list fsoc-talk for general discussion and announcements.


Submit your proposals now. Whatever ideas you have for radical software, new applications or modifications are welcome. Your imagination is the only limit. So please submit your ideas as soon as possible.

We are accepting proposals until May 24th. You have two ways to submit proposals. The first method is to become a Crabgrass member (see below). Secondly, you can email proposals directly. For detailed information on proposals go here.

Contact us

Do you have a question, comment or suggestion? Feel free to post it here on the site by creating a page in the committee that it is most appropriate. This site is collaborative, so discuss your project, or the FSoC project as a whole. Your posts will be open for others to read and comment on,

If you wish to send a private message, you can do so by emailing:

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