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FSoC Proposals Committee

Submitting Your Proposal

We will be accepting proposals through May 24th. Dream big! We want to create as many interesting ideas as possible during FSoC. While some projects may not be chosen this year, we hope FSoC will facilitate an ongoing development process. So set your imagination free and tell us your ideas.

You can submit proposals in two ways. First, by joining Crabgrass and then joining the fsoc group and the proposal committee, you can submit your proposal as a wiki page. We encourage everyone to utilize this method. However, you are also welcome to email us your proposal directly to

Proposal Guidelines

We will happily review proposals at any stage of development, but we need you to include some basic information in your proposal. When submitting your ideas, try to include as much detail and information as possible. Use the guide below for submissions.

  • Tell us about yourself or your organization, make sure to include contact information.
  • Describe your idea in detail. Try to include as much of the following information as you can:
    • What is the basic functionality?
    • In what ways will it serve organizations, individuals, and communities as a whole?
    • What programming language do you intend to use for the project?
    • What license will your code be made available under?
    • How will your work be maintained in the future? Will you be contributing this code to an already existing project? Will you continue to maintain it, fix bugs or enhance it?
  • What is the project goal?
  • What components will it have?
  • What benefits does it have for activism and/or radical politics?
  • If you have one, describe your plan to complete the project.


Q. Can I submit more than one proposal?

A. Yes, you may submit as many proposals as you like. However, keep in mind that in terms of getting a proposal accepted, focus on quality and clarity of goals.

Q. Can I work on my proposal later?

A. Sure, you can brainstorm your ideas into a page and fill it in as you go, you do not have to create the page with the fully formed proposal from the very start. It only must be finished by the end of the proposal process.

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