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militant reflection is an attempt to create a movement-wide discussion about actions, strategies and perspectives by staging decentral events and publishing results. read more about it in the militant reflection call and who we are. On these pages results of these events, tips for preparing and carrying out events and links to related discussions will be published. Anyone who agrees with the minimal consensus (PGA hallmarks) can participate. If you want to organise a militant reflection event, please take a look at the section on tips & methods for hosting events.

These pages are edited by an editorial collective of people from within the friends of dissent web of trust. If you want to publish something here or if you have questions, would like to send infos, suggestions, criticsm etc., please contact the editorial collective at milref [at] riseup.net (PGP key)

Upcoming Dates

Currently no new dates are known to us.
Get in touch if you have plans – and if you don’t, why not make some? ;-)

Minutes & Reports from previous events

  • France, January – April 2010 – As part of the protest preparations for the upcoming G8/G20 summit in France 2011 around 10 militant reflection events arestaged in various french towns. The main topic of these events are counter summits. We are still waiting for more precise reports.
  • Berlin / Germany, 31st of March and 17th of April (minutes?)
  • Grenoble / France, 16th of January 2010 (minutes?)
  • Bremen / Germany, 6.-7th. February 2010 (german call, german reader – please help translate these if you can – minutes will be published by mid-June)
  • Wendland/Altmark region / Germany, 19th of September 2009 (minutes coming up)
  • Freiburg / Germany, 10th of July 2009 (minutes coming up)
  • Montreuil/Paris / France, 27th and 28th of June 2009 (minutes?)

Pages about the stations

The following pages collect all material relating to militant reflection stations that were organised in specific cities or regions to make if easier to find.

Tips & methods for hosting events

The militant reflection events that were organised so far were all different, ranging from an evening event focused on a single topic to a weekend of dicussions without predetermined topics. We consider this diversity one of the strength of holding decentral discussion events in that they can be organised according to the specific needs and possibilities of the local people participating, yet contribute to a shared movement-wide process. We will collect experiences, tips and reports about organising these events here. Besides this, if you are planning to organise a militant reflection station two good ways to get started are to visit another station and/or get in touch with the editorial collective at milref [at] riseup.net (PGP key).

Similar discussions

Some links to similar discussions exist on the german-language pages.