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Welcome to our autonomous virtual space on Crabgrass!

This is an organising tool used by the Stop Nuclear Power Network to make stuff happen.

Here’s info on how this organisational tool works…

Our Crabgrass group can be used to carry out various functions:

Click on Create Page in green at the top left of the page to select from a list of options.

For example:

  • You can start a discussion on any topic;
  • You can upload documents, photos and videos;
  • You can create a collaborative ‘wiki’ document which any member of the group can edit;
  • We can make use of the ‘ranked vote’ function, e.g. to organise our next gathering:
    this allows us to select criteria and vote on them individually.

This can be a really useful tool. Here are a few tips on how to keep it functioning well:

  • Spend some time familiarising yourself with the site. Just 20 minutes’ practice and it can become an accessible and useful tool;
  • Don’t expect that people will check the site regularly. If you have posted something people need to see, send them an e-mail telling them it’s up here;
  • If your message or uploaded file is no longer useful, delete it. That way we save memory space for the nice people at Riseup;
  • Be conscious of what you’re posting: this is not a secure space and the police are rather keen on seizing the IT equipment that runs this sort of thing.

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