West Point is an officer training academy for the U.S. military, so its virtues might be expected to be those the government desires to see in its military officer class. There are twelve virtues carved into twelve granite benches near the Battle Memorial at West Point (the benches were donated to the academy by the class of 1934 on its 50th anniversary, and these virtues were highlighted in Pat Williams’s book Character Carved in Stone, but I’m not sure where they originate):

  1. compassion
  2. courage
  3. dedication
  4. determination
  5. dignity
  6. discipline
  7. integrity
  8. loyalty
  9. perseverance
  10. responsibility
  11. service
  12. trust

The academy’s website makes note of its “character program” and says that it is in support of “the seven Army Values”:

  1. loyalty
  2. duty
  3. respect
  4. selfless service
  5. honor
  6. integrity
  7. personal courage

Other virtues I note on the page dedicated to the academy’s character program include: