getting out in front and taking responsibility to inspire and guide others to coordinate in a cooperative enterprise

a.k.a. being inspiring/inspirational sometimes

There is some debate over whether “leadership” is a thing, or whether instead there is no single set of traits that make a person more likely to succeed in a leadership role across contexts, but that the context determines what sort of leader will emerge from it.

Complementary virtues

(Others listed as “correlates” in Character Strengths and Virtues p. 425 include adaptability, alertness, assertiveness, cooperation, vigor, independence, intelligence, judgment, knowledge, nurturance, originality, creativity, integrity, popularity, resourcefulness, conversational competence, resolve, tact, toughness, rhetoric, honesty, flexibility, curiosity, boldness, discipline, and resilience).

Contrasting vices


Virtues possibly in tension

How to acquire or strengthen it


Notes and links

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Inspirational quotes



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