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everyone plays for us all to win together!

introduction to World Peace Game


Provide an interface using which an individual can see how one’s actions fit into and affect global outlook of our planet. Than one using this interface can more concisely direct one’s own actions and make choices, preferably keeping in mind the goal of the World Peace Game


  • only Open Source technologies
  • zero conflicts (between participants and with people not participating)
  • truly non for (monetary) profit
    • Budget-Free no money directly involved into the game
    • participating projects currently using money work through open finances towards Budget-Free


  • Planetary Forum infrastructure for all the people interested participating in making social change to meet, share information and ideas, discuss and make decisions together
  • OpenProfile
    cross domain social networking making use of OpenID and OpenPGP for web of trust based identity management, with OpenSocial container based personal dashboard and public profile
  • Lingo Bridge
    initiative to provide technology which will support collaboration on individuals level in multilingual community
  • shareconomy
    good will based economy which doesn’t make use of money but where participants develop trust and cultivate their public reputation
  • Spaceship Earth
    project supporting view of Earth as – Our Great HOME that we all share together
  • Hack the Planet network of hackers with web of support working on technologies needed to accomplish our goal

setting playing environment

To have friendly playing environment we need to address those issues:

  • remove main distraction
    Money Game – unfortunately most people nowadays got caught up in playing it =(
    shareconomy can provide alternative economy which will make possible for people to play World Peace Game until we accomplish its goal
  • create online infrastructure
  • overcome language bariers
    Lingo Bridge
  • participate and get friends involved


survival mode and living mode

  • survival
    • body functions
    • safety
    • finds use for shareconomy
    • more animalistic
  • living
    • self realization
    • self expression
    • comfort
    • finds use for Gift Economy
    • more spiritual

OBJECTIVE ! urgent ! help 100% human population transition from survival into living



v1.0 plans

migrate to a dedicated instance of crabgrass


  • full transparency
    • all content can be read by the public
    • daily db dumps off all content available over Torrent
  • OpenID

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